Parent/Student Handbook
  • Parent/Student Handbook
    On Monday, August 15th students will be bringing home a letter requiring Parents and Students to review the Parent/Student Handbook and sign and return the bottom portion of the letter acknowledging that they understand the information and rules it contains.  The letter must be returned to their English Teachers by Tuesday, August 23rd. 

    Parents and Students can review the handbook here.

School Site Council
School Site Council Members:

Nicole Newman, Principal
Perla Duarte, Counselor
Patty Gonzalez, Career & College Technician
Nicole Mendoza, Administrative Assistant
Susie Stassi, Parent
Mary Ornbaun, Parent
Emma Velazquez, Parent
Aimee Williams, Parent
Ellie Geyer, Student
Jessie Tatum, Student
Miguel Martinez, Student
Kathy Corona, Student
Jeanine Schaap, Teacher, AAHS
Cindy Rohde, Teacher
Erin Sweet, Teacher
Lynn Howard, Teacher

Upcoming Meetings:

2016/2017 Meeting schedule TBD

Past Meeting Minutes:

School Picture Information

We have made the switch to Herzog Photography!

Click here to visit their website:

Upcoming Events
  • Class of 2017-Senior Photos-Herzog Photography
    Senior Yearbook Portraits were taken August 9th.  If your student was unable to be photographed they will automatically be signed up for the Makeup date on September 15th and should be prepared to be photographed.  Re-takes for students who were photographed on the first date will not be allowed as all students had the opportunity to preview and choose their favorite of multiple shots and be re-shot if necessary.

    Senior Yearbook Portraits are offered for free, however if you would like to purchase prints of your Yearbook Portrait, the order form is attached below.

    If you have any questions regarding photos please contact Herzog Photography directly at the number listed at the bottom left hand side of this webpage.

    Click here for the order form.

PJUSD Newsletter
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Counseling Office

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